S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Tutoring/Mentoring

Want to Make a Difference in a child’s life?
If you have one hour per week (mid September-mid May) you can!

We don’t need test scores (though we have them!) to show that the SUCCESS program uniting Christ Child Volunteers with students at St Adalbert School is working wonders. The excited faces of the children calling, “Pick me! I want to go with the tutor”; the “We love you” and “We are praying for you” messages in handmade Christmas cards; the progress noted as your student reads aloud to you; all these and more attest to the ways lives are being changed one tutor, one child at a time.

Please consider giving one hour a week to work with a student at St. Adalbert. Volunteers are paired with a teacher (in a grade level you choose) who prepares work and gives tips on improving that child’s skills. Times are flexible and mutually arranged between tutor and teacher.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Judy Kuzmich at (574-272-5739) or jkuzmich@sbcglobal.net The children will be glad and so will you!