2021 Center Processes in compliance with Pandemic Precautions

Client Procedures

  • All Clients are required to wear a mask – both adults and children.
  • Clients enter through the front door, receive a number and are interviewed in order.  The number of clients in the waiting area will be limited and clients may be asked to wait outside.  Clients waiting outside will be texted when it is their turn to come inside for their interview.
  • Clients pull one of Christ Child’s red wagons to collect items from 5 departments – New Clothing, Shoes, Coats, Used Clothing, Books & Dental
  • Once all items are received, Clients choose to carry items out the front door themselves or drive to the back Pick Up area where the items are loaded in their vehicle.
  • Exchanges can be made any day Christ Child is open by visiting the Receptionist at the front door.

Volunteer Procedures

  • All Volunteers wear masks and follow social distancing and sanitizing procedures.
  • Large meetings are avoided.
  • Signage is placed throughout the building to remind everyone to stay vigilant with precautions.