It’s that time of year for many of us to reminisce about our childhood holidays; the new bike, game system or doll.  We also remember the package of new underwear that Mom wrapped and put under the tree like it too was a gift to be coveted. (“Funny Mom, real funny.” Followed by an eyeroll.)

Christ Child Society of South Bend volunteers do understand that new underwear IS a coveted gift for many in our community.  For 72 years, local families have turned to the Christ Child Society for new clothing for their children ranging from coats and sneakers to socks and underwear.

One family, a single Mom seeking clothing for her 5 and 7-year-old children, left a lasting impression.  Unexpectedly, during the registration process, as a volunteer ran down the list of new items, confirming the children’s sizes, tears welled up in the young woman’s eyes.  She let the concerned volunteer know that nothing was wrong as she said, “New underwear, they get new underwear! I have never been able to give them new underwear.”  Her tears of surprise and joy moved many to tears that day.  It is truly humbling and rewarding to know that something as simple as new underwear can be so very impactful.

Please support the Christ Child Society of South Bend’s mission to clothe local children.  This year our Giving Tuesday goal is $5000, the amount needed to provide 770 children a week’s worth of new underwear.


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