New Center Processes in compliance with Pandemic Precautions

Client Procedures

  • All Clients are asked to wear a mask. Anyone exhibiting symptoms is interviewed by phone.
  • Clients check in at the front door, receive a number, and provide their cell number to be texted when it’s their turn to come in.
  • When they receive a text to return, Clients come inside to provide necessary information, then return outside. Only 5 (five) client families will be allowed in the building at one time. Meanwhile, their information is processed and a Personal Shopper gathers all items and takes them to the Pickup door in the back of the building.
  • After being Interviewed, Client should begin driving or walking to the rear of the building for Pick-up, but should not get in line until they receive a 2nd text informing them that their items are ready.
  • A sign will direct the client to the pickup door. Volunteers will place the order in the Client’s car and direct them to a parking area where they can look over the items.
  • If Exchanges are needed, a sign will direct the Client to the loading dock door, where there will be space for shoe try-ons, or items may be brought back with tags on any day Christ Child is open.

Volunteer Procedures

  • All Volunteers wear masks at all times and follow social distancing and sanitizing procedures.
  • Large meetings are avoided.
  • Signage is placed throughout the building to remind everyone to stay vigilant with precautions.